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Nano-Eyes: 4D Atomic Force Microscopy (4DAFM) of the Effect of Suicidal Gene Nanoparticles on Live Cancer Cells.

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Hosam Gharib Abdelhady

The real time understanding of the suicidal gene effects on the cytoskeletal and nano-mechanical behaviors of cancer cells may provide new, effective ways in cancer gene therapy. Here, 4DAFM was applied to monitor the effect of targeted suicidal gen-nanoparticles on the morphological and nanomechanical properties of individual, dividing cancer cells in their environment. The mechanisms of forming the suicidal gene nanoparticles were also seen in 4D. Left; The transfection of single plasmid into a cancer cell, Right; the transfection of single plasmid-nanoparticles reaching the nucleous and kill the cancer cell.