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MTPR Journal


Innovative Applications of Nanotechnology in Preservation of Vegetables & Fruits, Agriculture and Biofuels

Saiyed Alim Husain Naqvi
Coordinator, Centre of Excellence in Materials Science (Nanomaterials), Aligarh Muslim

Vol./Issue: 14 , id: 61

The power of science and technology is expressed through innovations which often results in rewards for society. The basic needs of society like food, health, clean water, cheap energy, transport, information and communication, good environment etc. are relevant even today. The society is still looking towards the technological advances to solve the age old problems related to its needs and alleviation form poverty. With the emergence of the nano-sclae technology i.e. Nanotechnology, hopes are high in every segment of social development for discovering novel solutions of the problems. The great physicist, R. P. Feynman who prophesied about the emergence of new technology had said with certainty that there will be enormous number of technical applications of this technology. The beauty of this discipline is that it is interdisciplinary, cuts across all industrial and technological sectors and is expected to lead next industrial and agricultural revolution. The soul of nanotechnology lies in the art of manipulation and control of matter at nano-scale, which has been employed by Nature for making things both living and nonliving since ages. Nanotechnology now leads an unending quest for knowledge and has provided a novel opportunity to climb a limitless ladder. This unconventional and interdisciplinary bottom up approach of manipulation of matter is sure to create wonders, provide simple solutions to difficult problems of human health and longevity, energy, water, agriculture, environment and may ultimately be successful in the creation of a prosperous and healthy society.