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High Density Laser Induced Thermal Energy for Water Desalination

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*Loftia M. El Nadi1, *Magdy Omer, *Hussein Abdelmoniem , *Galila A. Mehena, *A.M. Aboulfotouh , *Khaled A. ElSayed,* A. I. Refaei, 1 Mohamed Ramadan, 2Mohamed Ezzat , 3Yasser ElBaz, 4Hisham Imam

We emphasize the importance of Creating facilities and programs for performing systematic studies at Cairo University relevant to Energy Production. Our goal is to utilize the thermal emery of inertial fusion induced by high density laser interaction with solid targets to desalinate sea water. We suggest catching up with what others already reached by establishing a pilot plant for studying the feasibility of turning the high density laser power to thermal energy. We plan to initiate unprecedented large experiments provided by high technological measuring equipments that are widely used in international laboratories, namely VULCAN in UK, HIPER in Europe, QBF in Korea, and NIF in LLNL in USA Such Laboratory for advanced HD Physics would be dedicated to the pursuit of Inertial Fusion Energy as a sustainable, clean and long term solution to mankind's energy needs whilst simultaneously provide a unique tool to do scientific and applied research that has direct impact on innovative industrial materials serving the Egyptian and the international Society. Other fields of applications are wide open to turn Cairo University to an International domain of advanced research. This would place Egypt on the Map of international research devoted to serve and upgrade society needs. It is worthwhile to mention that in Japan there are now more than 20 labs. In china 8, in Korea 4 in India 3, in Israel 2, in Russia several and in USA there are about 22 like laboratories. New Scientific young generation of researchers capable of handling and performing High Density Physics could easily be created through such project.