Cairo University

MTPR Journal


Searching for Nuclear Magic Numbers Close to Two-Protons and Two-Neutrons Drip Lines in Super and Ultra Heavy Regions

Mahmoud Yahia Ismail, Ali Yahia Ellithi, Hisham Anwer, Alaa Khaled Mahmoud
Physics Dept., Faculty of Science, Cairo Univ,, Giza, EGYPT
Vol./Issue: 19 , id: 293

Recent researches carried out on the magicity of heavy and superheavy nuclei, some of them extend the interest to the ultra heavy regions. Our concern is the magicity of protons and neutrons in super and ultra heavy regions. Using Strutinsky's approach, and consider the shell correlation, residual pairing correction, two-nucleons separation energies and two-nucleons energy gap for even-even nuclei along Beta stability line and two-neutrons drip lines, over the ranges 70 ≥ Z ≥ 274 and 80 ≥ N ≥ 548 and 70 ≥ Z ≥ 212 and 126 ≥ N ≥ 548, respectively. We obtain the protons and neutrons magic numbers in these two regions, the new magic numbers are defined by Green's formula. Thecalculations is based on spherical structure of the nuclei considered and present evidences on new spherical magic nuclei in super and ultra heavy regions.