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Temperature Effect on the Performance of Diode Pumped Nd- Yag Solid State Laser System

M. Atta Khedr, E.Salam, G. E. Khalil, A. M. Abou-Elmagd
National Institute of Laser Enhanced Science (NILES) Cairo University Giza, Egypt
Vol./Issue: 19 , id: 269

We had used a compact Nd:YAG solid state laser in our laser system which consists of: pumping diode laser, collimating lens, dichroic mirror, Nd:YAG crystal, saturable absorber, Q-switching, KTP crystal, infrared filter , output coupler mirror, heater, power meter and spectrometer. Measurements were carried out for power and intensity of the emitted laser beam together with the input power. The spectrum and the power of the diode excitation source has been examined before carrying out the experiment. Temperature effect was examined using a small oven for heating the laser Nd: YAG laser compact system using high accuracy temperature controller. We measured the output laser power and spectrum profile of laser wavelength at532 nm and 536.1 nm the second harmonic of 1064nm of Nd: YAG laser crystal at different temperatures 30-65centegrate. We obtained relation between temperature and laser power which reveals that we had an optimum output laser power at 35 and 40 degree centigrade .The optimum spectrum was found at the same pervious degrees. We obtained the laser efficiency at different temperatures.