Cairo University

MTPR Journal



Heba Mohamed Fahmy
Biophysics Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University
Vol./Issue: 19 , id: 264

The safety of the environment leads to better quality of life to all the creatures. Nanotechnology is now intervening in many applications such as: industrial, medical, agricultural fields and no one can imagine the current world without the different applications of nanotechnology which greatly enhanced our life style. Nanotechnological products, procedures and applications are needed to contribute significantly to environmental and climate protection by saving raw materials, energy and water as well as by cutting greenhouse gases and hazardous wastes. Using nanomaterials therefore promises certain environmental benefits and sustainability effects. Even so, nanotechnology currently plays a rather subordinate role in environmental security, whether it be in research or in practical applications. In this talk, I will start my speech by pointing out what did we expected from this technology and whether our expectations come true or not. I will give special attention for talking about the dark sides of nanotechnology and how nanotechnology can lead to negative impact on the environment. I will end my talk by pointing out the benefits of nanotechnology to the environment with giving specific examples for that, such as: obtaining new and cheap new energy sources, recycling some hazardous materials and returning them into beneficial products. I believe that greener environment equals better future and easier life.