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MTPR Journal


Projectile fragmentation of 6,7Li nuclei in photoemulsion at Dubna energy

2014-12-19 & doi:
M. Ismail, A. Y. Ellithi, M. M. Botros, Walaa M. T. Abd-Alaa

A semi-microscopic approach based on Skyrme energy density functional is used to study the effect of the depression parameter (β) of the density distribution of protons and neutrons on the total energy of nuclei with proton number Z = 18, 114, 116 and 120. For each element, two isotopes are considered. The variation of the contribution of the total energy parts with the depression parameter is studied. For super heavy nuclei, the variation of the lowest total energy curve with β has a shallow minimum, which occurs at negative value of β, suggesting that, these nuclei prefer large values of density at of their centers, these nuclei gain about 15 MeV in their binding energies within the β range considered. For the lightest Ar nucleus, the minimum is clear and occurs at positive value of β