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Lotfia El Nadi1,2, Samah Mohamed 2 , Hossam Hamed1, Adel Shehap1, Magdy Omar1, Galila Mehana1, Hussein Abdel Moniem1, Laila Soliman3, Mahmoud Hafez3
Physics Dept., Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Giza, EGYPT
1 NILES, Cairo University, Giza, EGYPT
3 Academy of Computational Science

Vol./Issue: 16 , id: 224

Argument that sun provides power only during the day is countered by the fact that 70% of energy demand is during daytime hours. At night, traditional methods can be used to generate the electricity. Goal is to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. Currently, 75% of our electrical power is generated by coal-burning and nuclear power plants.Mitigates the effects of acid rain, carbon dioxide, and other impacts of burning coal and counters risks associated with nuclear energy. pollution free, indefinitely sustainable.  CAIRO UNIVERSITY PROJECT WILL BE DEMONSTRATED.  NEW APPROACH TO APPLY REFRACTION OF LIGHT ON TRANSPARENT SPHERES WILL BE EXPLAIND and ADOPTED INDUSTRIALLY AND SCIENTIFICALLY