Cairo University

MTPR Journal


Improvement of physical properties of Cobalt nanoferrites via Gd/Er doping

Ebtesam E. Ateia, and Fatma S. Soliman
Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University,
Giza, Egypt

Vol./Issue: 16 , id: 214

Pure nanoparticles of the rare-earth substituted cobalt ferrites with general formula CoGd0.025Er0.05 Fe1.925 O4were prepared by thechemical citrate method.The effect of variation in the rare-earth substitution and its impact on the structural characteristics, magnetic properties like saturation magnetization, coercivity and Curie temperature were studied.The average crystallite sizes of doped and pure Cobalt ferrite samples are21.49 and 37.7 nm respectively. The substitution of rare-earth elements in cobalt ferrite is promising for their magneto-optical recording application as they are helpful in decreasing the particles size of the investigated samples [1].Also theyalter the coercivity and saturation magnetization compared to pure cobalt nanoferrite [Fig.1].This can be clarified in view of weaker nature of the RE3+- Fe3+ interaction compared to Fe3+-Fe3+ interaction.EDAX spectra reveal the purity of the nano ferrite samples. The obtained data from EDAX elemental analysis is shown as inset of the figure. It can be seen that the stoichiometry is very close to the estimated values [Fig.2]. [1]Y. B. Kannan, R. Saravanan, N. Srinivasan, K. Praveena, K. Sadhana, J Mater Sci: Mater Electron (2016) 27:12000–12008