Cairo University

MTPR Journal


Enhanced Light Trapping in Thin Film Solar Cells

Mohamed F. O. Hameed, and S. S. A. Obayya
Centre for Photonics and Smart Materials, Zewail City of
Science and Technology, Sheikh Zayed District, 6th of
October City, Giza, Egypt.

Vol./Issue: 16 , id: 207

The potential to enhance the light trapping inside thin-film solar cell (SC) has been widely addressed to improve the SC efficiency and substantially reduce its cost. Thin-film SC offers a significant cost reduction compared to traditional bulky thick film SCs. However, the overall performance of thin-film SC is not optimal due to its low absorption. To address the weak optical absorption in Si thin films, several nanostructures such as nanowires, diffraction gratings and plasmonic scatters have been employed to enhance the ultimate efficiency of the Si SC.In this regard, novel light trapping techniques such as funnel NWs, and plasmonic thin film SC will be presented. The optical properties of the studied designs are numerically investigated by using 3D finite difference time domain method.The numerical results show that around 35% absorption improvement has been achieved using plasmonic nanoparticles compared to the conventional thin film SC.Further, funnel shaped SiNWs offer an ultimate efficiency of 41.8% with an enhancement of 54.8% relative to conventional cylindrical SiNWs.