Cairo University

MTPR Journal



R. El-Bashar, J. El-Azab, Salah H. El-Naby
National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences, Cairo
University, Egypt

Vol./Issue: 16 , id: 205

Currently, optical sensors (OSs) have become a contestant to conventional sensors especially in hazard environments. Magneto optic current sensor (MOCS) is considered a new solution for measuring high dc currents in high voltage direct current (HVDC) networks. Moreover, it provides the ability to be interfaced easily with fiber-optic based Ethernet local area networks. These features make it smart in monitoring the condition of the network in case of failure. A MOCS with polarimetric configurations is estimated using a small optical glass sensor SF-59 into a gapped toroid iron core. The light source wavelength used is from a laser LED at 435.8 nm, the maximum current measured is nearly 3000 A being limited by the maximum output of variac. The output test result proves that the sensor become more sensitive in comparable with laser led at 632 nm and the ability of the sensor to be used as a current sensor in HVDC networks and protect DC motor.