Cairo University

MTPR Journal


Physics of the Human Brain and its History

2020-07-01 & doi:
Raghda Elraaie M. Amin

Vol./Issue: 20 , id: 175

Brain has been the most mysterious puzzling organ in biology, due to its functional and structural complexity, its unavailable components for direct observation of interactions, mechanisms, and operations at work. Despite the immense hard work of many researchers and doctors, there are many issues about the brain which are still uncovered and many different contents undiscovered. The methodology of learning about brain itself is quite handicapped, (which will be explained further in this journal) still very slow & insufficient, which implies the interference of Modern Science and Technology to deal with this critical situation by Brain Modelling using Electronics and Programming. In this article, our main concern is the brain, where Physics plays an instrumental role in understanding the brain with its numerous functions, unravelling its structure, diagnosing and treating diseases, when it's common to hear people saying that the CPU is the computer's brain, there are so many affinities between them, more than just the processor, we can make a model of the brain using a computer having a specific design to mimic the brain's environment and features.