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Evolution of the binary neutron star system PSR1913+16 due to gravitational waves emission

2016-12-25 & doi:
Shahinaz Yousef, Zeinab A. Mabrouk, Mostafa Kamal Ahmed

We have studied how the eccentric orbits of binary neutron stars evolve due to the emission of gravitational waves according to Popov and Imshennik method [1]. We have applied this method to PSR1913+16 binary system. Our results for this system are highly comparable with the latest analysis for that system based on published timing observations from 1974 through 2006 [2].The most important results from our study are: elliptical orbits shrink in size and become near circular at their late stages of evolution while the circular orbits don’t change their shapes; and most of the energy due to gravitational radiation emission is lost at high eccentricities near the periastron position.