Cairo University

MTPR Journal


Design and Evaluation of Flat Solar Concentrator

2019-09-29 & doi:
Lotfia El Nadi, Maha K. Omar, Mohammed Fikry

Vol./Issue: 19 , id: 172

Flat solar concentrators are designed to focus solar radiation in a linear shape. The concentrator is designed to be the primary step in a sequence of steps that eventually generate solar laser. The focused beam from the concentrator output is used to optically pump a lasing medium (iodine medium) which is compressed in a one meter long and 8 mm diameter quartz tube. The design used here is formed of two flat mirrors with the availability of changing the angel between them. The two mirrors are displaced to create a gap between the two mirrors at the line of their intersection. This research was dedicated to focus down the highest intensity of solar radiation so that the optimal operating conditions of the concentrator are achieved. Multiple parameters were changed, and their effects were simulated theoretically. The highest solar photon concentration was established at the bottom line connecting the two mirrors. In this respect, a movable semiconductor spectrometer was applied to study both the focused radiation spectrum and intensity.