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Production of Neutralino and Tow Higss Bosons from electron-positron annihilation via H0 and Z0 propagators

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M. M. Ahmed, Asmaa A. A., and Zainab A. H.

Vol./Issue: 19 , id: 160

Production three neutralinos as the lightest supersymmetric particles (LSP) from the process in the framework of minimal Supersymmetric standard model (MSSM) and calculated the cross-sections for this interaction. We consider Produce χ ̃_i^0 (P_2 )+χ ̃_j^0 (P_4 )+χ ̃_l^0 (P_5 ) by one group of Feynman diagram through and propagators (from 1- 48 situations). (Where i ,j = 1, 2, 3, 4, and l=1). The cross sections are calculated according to a carefully selected set of Supersymmetric parameters, and the values of the cross sections ( ) pb are taken as a function of the incident center of mass energy ( ) Gev. Consider the neutralino to be the candidates for weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) or cold dark matter (CDM). The values of cross-sections are taken at ( ) ranges from 300 to 1400 GeV. The all different possible situations are graphed and tabulated. The best cross section value ( ) is 2.5x10-10 pb when the neutralinos masses are at m_(χ ̃_i^0 (P_2 ) )=600Gev, m_(χ ̃_j^0 (P_4 ) )=600Gev, m_(χ ̃_l^0 (P_5 ) )=300Gev.