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Production of Neutralino and Tow Higss Bosons from electron-positron annihilation via H0 and Z0 propagators

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M. M. Ahmed, Asmaa A. A., and Zainab A. H.

Production three neutralinos as the lightest supersymmetric particles (LSP) from the process in the framework of minimal Supersymmetric standard model (MSSM) and calculated the cross-sections for this interaction. We consider Produce χ ̃_i^0 (P_2 )+χ ̃_j^0 (P_4 )+χ ̃_l^0 (P_5 ) by one group of Feynman diagram through and propagators (from 1- 48 situations). (Where i ,j = 1, 2, 3, 4, and l=1). The cross sections are calculated according to a carefully selected set of Supersymmetric parameters, and the values of the cross sections ( ) pb are taken as a function of the incident center of mass energy ( ) Gev. Consider the neutralino to be the candidates for weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) or cold dark matter (CDM). The values of cross-sections are taken at ( ) ranges from 300 to 1400 GeV. The all different possible situations are graphed and tabulated. The best cross section value ( ) is 2.5x10-10 pb when the neutralinos masses are at m_(χ ̃_i^0 (P_2 ) )=600Gev, m_(χ ̃_j^0 (P_4 ) )=600Gev, m_(χ ̃_l^0 (P_5 ) )=300Gev.