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Synthesis of Nano CdS by pulsed laser ablation in liquid environment (PLAL)

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Ayman M. Darwish, Wael H. Eisa, Ali A. Shabaka , Mohamed H. Talaat

A new method was developed to synthesize materials in nanoscale by using pulsed laser ablation in a liquid solution. Compared to the other synthetic methods, the advantages of this method are simplicity of the procedure and absence of chemical reagents in solution, which offers novel opportunities to solve the toxicity problems. This method can be carried by two ways; the first one is Top-Down technique appeared in publications in the last few decades while the other one is Bottom-Up technique appeared to be the first time in this paper. The both synthesized methods can be applied in all materials because of its ability to ablate almost all kinds of materials due to the ultra-high energy density and control over the growth process by manipulating the process parameters like Intensity, wavelength, etc.