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High Density Laser Induced Thermal Energy for Water Desalination

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*Loftia M. El Nadi1, *Magdy Omer, *Hussein Abdelmoniem , *Galila A. Mehena, *A.M. Aboulfotouh , *Khaled A. ElSayed,* A. I. Refaei, 1 Mohamed Ramadan, 2Mohamed Ezzat , 3Yasser ElBaz, 4Hisham Imam

Only 2.5% of all water in the world is fresh; even less than 0.1% is readily available for directhuman use. Water desalination proves to be a compelling necessity now and in the near future. Desalination techniques like multi-stage flash (MSF) or multi-effect distillation (MED) require heat for creating the steam which provides the fresh water. A handful of energy intensive techniques are currently used, mostly at industrial scale; however, Laser material heating energy can be used as an alternative to conventional sources of energy for water desalination purposes. Ultra intense laser sources are explored and a Terawatt laser system is found to be a potential candidate as a tremendous thermal energy source.