Cairo University

MTPR Journal


New Trends For waste water by Electro-spraying Corona Discharge

Farouk Elakshar
Vice director of Center of plasma technology, Azhar University, Nasr City,
Cairo, Egypt

Vol./Issue: 14 , id: 125

New technologies are required always to find new methods for water treatments and solve waste water problems .Among the new techniques for waste water treatment there are: 1-the treatment of water by ozone (Garamoon et al., 2002), 2-AOP: advanced oxidation processes e.g. 1-photocatalysis on TiO2 surface (Feryal & Nur, 2003), 2-Fenton and photofenton process (Fares et al., 2008), 3-electrical discharge (Junwen et al., 2009),…..etc . Corona discharge is considered as one of the most efficient techniques in AOP processes (Sun et al., 1999). Generation of highly reactive oxidants, such as hydroxyl radical OH, atomic oxygen O, ozone O3 and hydrogen peroxide H2O2, has been obtained using corona discharge (Anpilov et al. 2001, Šunka et al., 1999, Malik et al., 2002 and Zhengguang et al., 2005). Unlike the methods which used under water corona discharge, the objective of the present work is to introduce a new design for waste water treatment using electro-spraying corona discharge system. The Advantage of Electro-spraying Corona Discharge system is that the surface area of the water is sprayed by the electro-spraying corona where the sprayed water passed through the entire regions of the corona discharge itself.