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Structural and physical properties of nanostructured barium doped BiFeO3

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M. A. Ahmed, M. M. El-Desoky, M. M. Mostafa, M.S. Ayoub

Nanometric multiferroic samples Bi1-xBaxFeO3; (BBFO, x = 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25) were prepared usingconventionalsolid-state method.The structural, particle size, dielectric and magnetic properties of the prepared samples were investigated. XRD patternsshow the formation of (BBFO) with single-phase rhombohedral-hexagonalstructure.At room temperature,antiferromagnetic BiFeO3 is converted to ferromagnetic on Ba doping. A change in the magnetization is observed around (742-833) K. Spin canting or impurity phase could be a probable reason for the origin of ferromagnetism. The dielectric properties of the nanoparticles were affected by the propertiesof the substitutional ions as well as the crystalline structure of the samples.