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D. A. E. Darwish

In the present research paper we have discussed the followings: (I). The previous theories published on the birth and the development (Evolution) of the universe, namely: (a) the Big Bang Theory, (b) the Oscillating Universe Theory, and (c) the Steady State Theory. (II). We presented our criticism directed to such theories concluded with a statement that NO BIG BANG HAD OCCURRED IN THE PAST OR IN THE FUTURE and that ALLAH is the God and there is no God but He, He is the Creator, the Maker, the Shaper and all that is in the heavens and the earth glorifies him. He is the Almighty, the ALL-Wise, the ALL-Knowing and the Most Merciful. The Universe is expanding as His will and He is the ALL-Powerful and such expansion is not due to anything like a big bang. (III). In this section are giving the first four items of the New Theory on the Creation of the Universe. i. ALLAH had ordained the measures of the creation of everything in the preserved Book before creating the Heavens and the Earth by fifty thousand years and His Throne upon water. ii. ALLAH prepared the Universe for Prophet Adam (Grandfather of the mankind) and his progeny. iii. ALLAH created everything. iv. ALLAH has honoured Adam and his progeny till the day of Resurrection. DARWISH: Publishing my NEW THEORY the World starts a new ASTRONOMICAL PERIOD.