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MTPR Journal


Growth of layered wedge-shaped islands of Pb on the vicinal Si: new mechanism of twin boundary formation

2014-12-19 & doi:
S. I. Bozhko, A. S. Ksyonz A. M. Ionov, D. A. Fokin, V. Dubost, F. Debontridder2, T. Cren and D. Roditchev

The growth of Pb on a clean vicinal Si(557) surface at room temperature was studied using the Scanning Tunneling Microscopy. We observed anisotropic tilted wedge-shaped Pb-islands to grow following the Stransky-Krastanov scenario. The elongation of the islands along the step edges of Si is associated with the anisotropic potential of the vicinal template. The observed peculiar slab-like stacking morphology of the formed wedge-shaped islands is discussed considering the substrate-induced strain, twin formation and the energy of the electron gas confined inside the islands.