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MTPR Journal


Correlation between Structural and Electrical Properties of Polyvinylidene Fluoride in the Pure State and with some Additives at Different Temperatures

G. M. Nasr, L. M. Salah*, S. E. H. El-Massry

Synthetic (SrTiO₃) has a very large dielectric constant at room temperature and low electric field. Aiming to increase the dielectric constant of PVDF, a different amount of SrTiO3 are added to it. A correlation between structural changes and the physical properties of these composites was elucidated. The effect of doping with SrTiO3 on electrical conduction in PVDF was undertaken. The effect of SrTiO3 doping in PVDF on the dc electrical properties as well as the electrical conduction mechanisms was studied . The dielectric properties of PVDF as a function of SrTiO3 doping and both temperature and applied frequency was elucidated . Finally, the structural changes in PVDF matrix owing to SrTiO3 doping via IR and XRD spectroscopy was presented .